Kat Elton
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At the age of two, Kat’s life changed forever

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She was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

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A disease that her parents were told had a prognosis of:

... chronic severe pain

... depression

... disfigurement

... and a steady decline in

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Luckily for her, she never got the message

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Over the years her pain definitely slowed her down BUT...

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Never stopped her from trying new things...

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Chasing her dreams, and fulfilling her desire to be of service

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About her pain, Kat says:

"Pain is my biggest nemesis and greatest teacher. At times my pain has felt like a prison without walls, but it's also been vehicle to increase my compassion, gratitude, and ability to be humble."

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Join Kat and learn how she came to a deep understanding of what true health is

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True Health, The Inside Job, is a book that re-opens the question of what true health is. Health isn’t the absence of disease; it is not about subduing symptoms, waging wars, or conquering pain. Health is a way of life that is reflected in your attitudes, actions, and well-thought out beliefs. It takes daily practice, diligence, and the commitment to yourself that no matter what life hands you, you will never stop trying.  Learn more

Every minute of every day the decisions you make and the actions you take guide whether you continue to hurt or move into healing.

 Choose health!
“Health is found in the path of least resistance, learning to move towards what you want instead of against what it is that you don’t.”
- True Health, the Inside Job

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Feb 7, 2017

Welcome to KatElton.com

“Be glad you are walking into my door instead of the cancer ward.”

Those were the words of Dr. Jacobs, my first rheumatologist, when he met my parents and I after I was diagnosed with JRA, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. That fateful day changed the course of my life, and for forty years I was convinced that my painful disease was a gorilla on my back that prevented me from ever being healthy. 

I was wrong.

It took me forty years, and a flare up of my disease that stopped me in my tracks for years, to realize something that changed my life once again:

Health is not the absence of disease. Instead it is found in how you approach your life, the actions you take, the beliefs you choose, and the thoughts that consume you.

In the midst of my pain I decided to stop listening to the voices outside my head that were telling me how sick I was and focus on what I knew to be true. My pain and JRA are the greatest teachers in my life. They have taught me compassion, inner strength, gratitude, true love, how to be my own best friend, resilience, fortitude, and joy.

And I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

"I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade...And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party." – Ron White

Kat Elton

Kat is an author, occupational therapist, and someone who has lived with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since age two. Her two books, A Resilient Life: Learning to thrive, not just survive with rheumatoid arthritis, and True Health, the Inside Job, pave the way for readers to move into health, regardless of their circumstances. [Read more]

"When I take the time to ponder the true meaning of health I realize that, surprisingly, my disease has made me healthier. With each challenge the disease has created for me, the opportunity has been there to transmute this challenge into a lesson on how to be a better person. The arthritis has made me wise. And I use this wisdom to create a healthy life." --Kat Elton

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